21 April 2018



To book a spot on the Garapine Shuttle, please add item to cart, complete your details and submit. Submit one booking form per person.

Shuttle cost $40 + $10 rider entry fee = $50 total

This booking system is not yet accepting online payments. Payment is required on arrival on the date booked (cash or eftpos). 

This service is for: Saturday 21 April 2018 running 7am – 2pm. 

** NO SHOWS ** 

Please email [email protected] if you wish to cancel your booking or will be arriving more than 2 hours after the service start time. 

If you book a spot and do not turn up (without advising Garapine in advance), your future bookings will not be processed. On days that the service is fully booked, if you do not arrive within 2 hours of opening time (e.g. 9am for a day that starts at 7am) and have not advised Garapine of a late arrival then your spot will be given away. 

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Book a spot on the Garapine Shuttle for Saturday 21 April 2018